Condo Living

Considering the condo lifestyle?  Have a busy on the go career, seldom home, ‘snow birds’, want a secure building, no lawn or exterior maintenance requirements or be able to participate in activities offered in some condominiums.  A condo could be your lifestyle of choice.

If you are considering a condo you need to know how they are run, responsibilities as an owner and the responsibilities of the board of directors.  There are a wide range of prices, location, size and amenities with condominiums.  Also inspection of the condo documents, property inspections should be referred to their respective professionals, so you have an understanding of the history of the complex, operating  cost and the financial status of the corporation, information on recreational facilities and whether there are any restrictions such as age, pets or home based businesses, how is parking assigned or purchased and any other bylaws that could affect you.

Joyce has taken additional courses with the Calgary Real Estate Board such as Condo Basics and has trusted professionals she can refer you to for condo document inspections, legal and financial advise so you can become an educated buyer and investigate your purchase.